Backbend Safely Workshop 21.03.20
  -    -  Backbend Safely Workshop 21.03.20
Backbend Safely Workshop 21.03.20

Backbend Safely Workshop

w/ Lenka in english

Samstag 21.03.2020, 13.00 – 15.00 Uhr

EUR 35


21MÄR13:0015:00Backbend Safely Workshop 21.03.20

Bending backwards can seem scary for many people, since we rarely create that shape in our day-to-day lives. That’s why backbends can serve as a way of reconnecting with our childhood, when life was a play and we had and could to learn new things.


The spine carries our body, allows us to stand in an upright position, and moreover it is prone to injury and wear if not supported by strong muscles. Therefore, during this workshop, we will take care of the spine, for it to stay safe, using a proper warm-up and with a careful execution of asanas/poses. Using this approach, it is possible to strengthen and restore the flexibility in the surrounding spinal muscles, and hence to allow the spine to retain its functionality later in life too.


Furthermore, we will focus also on other joints, that contribute to backbends. By isolating their movement, we will try to discover their end-range of motion and to learn how to find more control by engaging certain muscle groups. This is essential for the ability to safely enter and stay in yoga positions such as bridge, pigeon, bow and camel, and so many more.


Mindestteilnehmeranzahl: 10 Personen